Adult Baby Costumes

 You could safely say that costumes are so enjoyable because they allow otherwise functional adults to behave in a multitude of inappropriate but thoroughly enjoyable ways.  In fact, the next fancy dress party you go to, take a few moments to stand on the sidelines and watch your friends and acquaintances reveal their inner selves. Incredibly uptight banker wobbles in the corner with a Tarzan suit hanging loosely off his pasty collarbones? He’s just staking out his prey. There’s a lot more being exposed there beside a thatch of chest hair and an inability to pace himself, drinking wise.  So what about the really revealing costumes? The ones that hang your ID out for all to see. Is your inner self a bit more complicated than a fairy or a jungle man? If so, how much are you willing to get away with for a night?? For the true anarchist we recommend the adult baby ensemble. 

   Baby Fancy Dress Big Baby Fancy Dress           

How many times have you been a few bites into an appetizer and decided it was not to your liking? If you’re like most you may have forced it down and chased the taste away with what was left in your tiny plastic wine glass. As an adult baby, spitting your half chewed food out onto your bib or the floor is not only appropriate but even amusing. Don’t bother to wipe away any spittle or crumbs either, that glazed chin only compliments the look.  How can I possibly meet anyone dressed as an adult baby, you may ask. What kinds of people are going to be attracted to me in such a state??  You’d be surprised! Adult babies attract both those desiring and repulsed by commitment. The man or woman who is deafened by their biological clock will be drawn to you like a toddler to a light socket. Those who are repulsed by the idea of family life will see you as the kind of person who is either too emotionally unbalanced/dangerous to even think of settling down. Decked out in diapers and booties, you’ll have your pick of the pubs and parties. 

  Adult Baby Costumes Baby Costumes   

The adult baby costume is truly a secret weapon.  Put your reservations aside and give it a try, you may find you never want to take it off. (We’re not responsible however, for any long term damages to your career or social standings that extended diaper wearing can cause.)