American Costumes

With 4th of July just around the corner, its your last chance to order your American Costumes to celebrate Independence Day in full USA colours. 

cheerleader Costume USA Cheerleader Costumes


Or better Still, the True Amercian Hero:


Captain America Costume Captain America


I’ve read some blogs where people are saying its a pointless, meaning less holiday that shouldnt be celebrated outside of the USA. Personally i couldnt disagree more. Granted i’m up for any excuse to party, but can you imagine cancelling St. Patricks Day everywhere except for Ireland??? No way.

So lets embrace our friends from the US and make them feel at home on their special day / weekend. If you dont have any friends from USA at the moment, why not just put on a bad american accent and tell everyone your decended from the Irish. As i said any excuse to party. 

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