Barney Costume

One regular request we get at The Cosutme Shop is for Barney Costumes. Untill recently we had an agreement with a supplier and the license from the program directors / owners to sell such costumes starting mid Summer 2008.

Barney Costume Fancy Dress

However plans to start selling Barney costumes have ground to a sudden hault when the franchise license holders revoked the agreement due to a eventuality which no one had considered. Barney is a trusted childhood character and is it really safe to be selling the costumes to the general public? I mean what control can the brand keep if they sell them to the public. Any pervert could buy a costume and lure a child into a Van very easily. Therefore the decision has been made to cancel all production and never to release the costume.

This all came to light when a man in New York was arrested and Jailed for selling counterfeit Barney costumes (amongst others) to the porn industry. Obviously selling the costumes without a license is a breach of the laws but for the first time it occured that some people would take advantage and abuse something, such a childhood character, for their own twisted gain.  

So unfortunately there will not be any Adult Barney Costumes available in the costume market and if you manage to find a counterfeit version be warned that the authorities are taking this even more severely than normal copy right and trade mark breach. I think you will all agree somethings are just best left alone when matters of childrens safety are involved.


We will however still be getting in childrens Barney Costumes which the Barney franchise hold has granted lisence for.