Cheerleading Outfits

According to the first ever “Cheer”, in cheer leading terms was in the 1880’s when Princeton Fan’s organised themselves to chant:

Ray, Ray, Ray!
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!
Sis, Sis, Sis!
Boom, Boom, Boom!
Aaaaah! Princeton, Princeton, Princeton!  

In a Locomotive style cheer. Not much, but move things forward 120 years and cheerleading is a big big deal in America and is continuing to grow here in Europe and Ireland. Competitive Cheerleading has become extremely popular and has been made even more popular by movies such as Disneys High School Musical and Bring it on

Cheerleading has become a hugely popular sport in its own right and is no longer only associated with the side lines of American Football. 

Cheerleader outfit Cheerleader Costume Euro 39.99

Three Key Rules of Cheerleading (which i’ve learned from movies):

1. Dance in Unison and tell your team to win. Encourage the crowd to cheer for their team too (Incase they forget why they’re there).

2. If some one disrespects you all you need to do is dance at them – that will definately get your credibility back and hurt their feelings.

3. If someone steals your chant or dance moves – the best thing to do is come back with the best chant / dance of all time!

So why are cheerleader costumes so popular you ask? I’m no expert on the subject but having seen the odd girlie cheerleading movie (for research purposes only ofcourse – not by choice, ahem). The cheerleading team are an elite group in American High School society. The head cheerleader is a desirable thing of beauty, usually dates the hottest  “jock” and girls want to be her and guys want to be with her. To top it off the uniform acts like an anchor to guys jaws, with a short skirt and pom pom’s the wearer – who by simlpy getting into the outfit is pre-selected as fit, fun and popular; all this before she even opens her mouth. No wonder the cheerleader costume is one of the most popular choices for fancy dress costumes.