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So as you may or may not know, TheCostumeShop is closely involved with Christmas FM – An all Christmas Music Radio Station, which Raises funds for the Homeless in Ireland. Our founder and CEO, Ronan, is one of a rather large team that have been successfully spreading Christmas Music across Ireland and by broadcasting on the internet gaining a huge worldwide audience.

Today is D-Day, Donation Day on Christmas FM. With the sever floods in Ireland followed by the sub zero temperatures, the Simon Community more than ever needs funds to help those that can’t help themselves. For 10Euro you can give a homeless person a bed for the night. will by donating a further €2,000 today towards the cause and we ask if you can spare some cash that you make a donation to this worthy cause. If this isn’t possible maybe you would consider sharing some left over turkey with someone who would otherwise not get a Christmas Dinner.

Click on our Ipod to Listen To Christmas FM
Click on our Ipod to Listen To Christmas FM

If you have yet to tune in to Christmas FM, please click the above and enjoy some Christmas Cheer, the station is live for one more week (untill the 28th Dec). We broadcast on 100.3 in Dublin and 106.7 in Cork.

And if you happen to be out and about in Dublin and Cork make sure to keep an eye our for our beautiful Christmas FM street crew collecting spare change. Or drop your change into any EBS bank.