Classic Costume Prank

Thanks to Matthew  at My Disguise who let us know about this great prank – which unfortunately for the lads went horribly wrong for those involved… getting suspended and nearly missing their high school prom. But i reckon if you’d ask them they’ll still tell you it was well worth it.

Banana Costume Prank For banana Costumes click here

 11 seniors in a US high school got together under senior Andrew Leinonen to arrange a Gorilla Chase (Guy in a Gorilla Costume Chasing 10 Banana Costumes) around their school. The school administration which obviously didnt have much of a sense of humor slapped 7 day suspensions on all involved. In a hilarious back lash the student body launched a “Save the Banana’s campaign” and picketed the school.

 Taken from News-Sun:

“We think this is a just punishment,” said Brendon Epker, a banana who’ll attend Calvin College in Grand Rapids Mich., in the fall. “We broke rules we shouldn’t have broken.”

We couldnt disagree more and in fairness i’d say they would have got an even worse back lash had they said the school has zero sense of  humor and it was a harmless prank.

If you’ve heard of any other good pranks like this please let us know!

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