Are Cosmetic Contacts Safe

The BBC investigative documentary, X-Ray is set to air in the coming weeks with an exposé on retailers selling cosmetic contact lenses to the public. The show is investigating whether a retailer in Wales is selling cosmetic eye colour changers in breach of the Opticians Act 1989 – which states that only those licensed to fit and sell “contact lenses” may do so. While we appreciate the utmost importance of consulting a qualified optician for any matters relating to eyesight and “lenses”, we do not believe that this extends to cosmetic use contacts which in no way affect the focus of the eyes as they do not have lenses and are intended only as an accessory for fancy dress parties.

violet contact lens

Fashion Wear Services (UK) Ltd, the brand name for the manufacturer, has released the following statement:

It is critical to any discussion of this matter to understand the products available on the market and how they are designated. There are products available on the market to our knowledge which are indeed “zero powered contact lenses” and which are coloured for cosmetic use. They constitute “lenses” by nature of the materials used in their manufacture and whilst they are of zero power, they are potentially capable of refracting light and as such, may be described as lenses correctly.
Our product does not fall into this category. Due to the materials used and the design of our product is not a contact lens – it is a polymer blank which is coloured for cosmetic effect only. As a responsible company we take regular advice on our procedures and took specific legal advice on the matter. This legal advice is unequivocal in confirming that our product, despite the fact that it is worn in contact with the eye and does not improve the eyesight of the wearer, is not a “zero power contact lens”. We ensure compliance with ISO13485 (CE) as a further safeguard to the end user of our products despite the fact that we supply cosmetic, not medical devices.

We take the safety of all of customers and that of our products as our top priority and ensure that our products are both safe and legal. We also sell our contacts with an assessment form and safety notifications to ensure the lenses are being used appropriately. By having the correct ISO certification and meeting the required safety standards we believe we are making the correct decision for our customers. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep you informed.

If you have any questions in relation to our Cosmetic Contacts, feel free to contact us for more information.