Costume Hire

When people think of Fancy Dress they tend to think first of renting a costume, after all its a one night affair and they don’t need one to keep.

The Surprising thing is its Far Cheaper To Buy a Costume Than to Rent One! Most people are shocked to attend parties and find out that the costume they rented was bought by someone else for up to half the price!

Here’s why Hiring a Costume is more expensive than buying a costume online:

1. Costume Rental Companies have much higher running costs

2. They tend to rent out costumes mainly during the busy Halloween Season so in some cases a costume will only be rented out once a year.

3. Customers tend to spend hours trying on costumes which can be expensive in staff costs

4. Dry Cleaning is expensive

5. Every costume returned has to be manually checked for damages each time its rented

6. If you damage the costume while its in your care you will loose your 60 – 90 Euro Deposit on top of your costs of renting the costume (even if the costume can be bought for less than 50 Euro).

In our price checking survey we have found that costumes that cost under 160 Euro tend to be 10 – 40% cheaper to buy on average than to rent. And of course you get to keep them and use them again, share them with friends, sell them on ebay or donate them to your local charity shop.

But the most compelling reason to buy costumes online instead of renting them is the time not wasted – No long trips to collect the costume and drop them back the morning after your party. No Worrying about whether you tear your costume and loose your deposit.

Lets face it, renting costumes is a total ripoff.