Costume Ideas

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When deciding on what you want to dress up as at an up coming costume party there are a few things you should first consider:

3. Are you going solo, as a couple or a group?

  • Solo Costumes

Lets ignore the questionable reasons as to why you would be going out alone dressed up in costume. Famous people who work alone include Bettle Juice, Batman (Dark Night Verison ofcourse) and Wonder Woman.

  • Couple Costumes

Call it cute or disgustingly loved up but couples in co-ordinating costumes has seen a big up turn in the last few years. It doesnt have to be that he’s your Superman and your his Super Girl, do everyone a favour and be a little more creative. After all why make enemies out of every single woman at the party??

Couple CostumesSuper Couple

How about sending your boyfriend along as a dalmation then showing up as Cruella de Ville!

  • Group Costumes

To really make the most of a fancy dress party, group theme’s are the way to go. Be it Comic Book hero’s – Maybe the whole justice league! Or what about having your own StarWars Re-inactment on the dance floor. Or my personal favourite – a bunch of banana’s and a few Gorilla’s to chase them.

4. Do you want to be Sexy or just plain hilarious?

Its an issue often over looked, but a costume party can be the ulitmate seduction situation if you play your cards right!

Ladies love a guy in Uniform and what could be better than going for a prince charming or White Navy Officer Costume like the one Richard Gere Wore in the Film An Officer and a Gentle Man.

And ladies… well lets face it – it’s an opportunity to be as slutty as you like and blame it all on the night thats in it. Who needs a better excuse than that.

slave costume Slave Costume