Customer Photo: Morphsuits

One of the great things about working in a costume shop, is the fun had with customers when they come to our store and get to see some of the costumes. Even more fun is the customers who come in determined to cause some mischief in their newly obtained costumes.

Two customers (names unknown) were so delighted with their new purchase of Morphsuits for an upcoming match that they decided to change right there and then into them to create some fun in the town. So, of course some staff (including yours truly) joined in the fun and grabbed a camera since the boys were so willing to have a laugh!

If you’ve had any fun in our costumes (or are the two featured in this photo) drop us an email and we’ll post up the pictures, or find us on facebook and add them there! Halloween is coming up soon so make sure you send us in pictures of your halloween costumes!

customer morphsuits
Staff members joined in for some fun!
blue and black morphsuits
Posing in their Morphsuits

Note: We’re expanding our range of morphsuits to different colours and patterns so keep checking back!