DIY Pimp Costume Accessories – Pimp Cup

How to make a pimp cup: 

Step 1:
Find a plastic glass with a stem – you’ll pick one up in any good household accessories shop.

Step 2: Turn upside down and spray paint the outside gold or silver. Do not spray paint the inside (poison = bad), hold up to the light to see if you miss any spots.

Step 3: Bling the thing! Add as many little costume jems, glitter and sequins as you see fit. You can pick these up in your local craft store. With super glue and a bit of patience you’ll be pimped out in no time.


     DIY Pimp Cup

The Lazy Mans approach to DIY Pimp Cups:

Buy a small trophy or recycle that one you won in second class. It may be your biggest lifetime achievement to date but lets face it, you won’t need to pull out the trophy to impress the girls on a Saturday night in your local and you can continue using your achievement as a great opening line.


Step 1: Get trophy, draw a design in super glue, Roll in glitter.

Step 2: Find a few gems in your little sisters toy box and superglue them on. 

Step 3: Rinse out the inside of the Pimp Cup (bacteria also = bad)