Do Blonde Wigs Really Have More Fun?

The age-old question surfaces yet again! Do blondes really have more fun? It sure seems so, with our sales of blonde wigs versus brunette and other coloured wigs. Yes, this trend spills over to the wigs section too!

I have a theory of my own. It’s a cultural phenomenon. Something I’d like to call, The Spiral Theory. Look around you. We have movies with themes and titles revolving around blondes: Blonde Crazy, Blonde Fever, Blonde Trouble and Blonde Venus just to name a few. Marilyn Monroe’s blonde look was the epitome of a woman’s sexuality. Even advertisements for egg donors offer bonuses for natural blondes! Furthermore, the Telegraph reported that blonde haired women make 7% higher salaries than women with tresses of other colours. There’s even an International Blondes Association!

It is the exploitation of a concept! A simple way of creating a buzz, a branding, a notion. Being blonde automatically generates a meaning that encompasses fun, flirty, scatterbrain, successful, desirable and sexuality, all rolled into one! There aren’t too many words that embody such a comprehensive meaning.

The blonde woman is a carefree but ditsy woman; a generally hard and fast rule that many people seem to be in deference with. Of course, we’re not cribbing about the pro-blonde phenomenon. We just think that are as many reasons to celebrate the quirkiness of a dark-haired woman! What say you?

You’re in luck though. We’ve got every possible wig, in every possible colour, in every fathomable style! We believe in variety. At it’s about the individual. So who do you want to be today?

Blonde Wigs Reign Supreme
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