Dublin Halloween Ball

Halloween is finally here! The time of the year when eerie is fun, gory is interesting and fear is the key word. With celebrations all over town, it is going to be one spooky evening.

The West Minstown Garda Club in Clonsilla, Dublin, is going to add to the spice of Halloween. Foot-tapping band performances, finger-licking food and traditional Halloween games will set the tempo for the evening. To add to this is the prize for Best Costumes!

Experiment and explore, TheCostumeShop.ie is your playground. Whilst the children have a gala time with peculiar costumes and masks, you could indulge in some uncanny treats yourself. Choose from a spectacular list of unusual costumes – Evil Fairy Costumes, Devil Costumes, Zombie Costumes, Skeleton Costumes, Vampire Costumes and more. To add to this is an astonishing array of scary masks; half face masks, pop eye masks, scar face masks and the likes.  Bizarre wigs and coloured eye lenses add to the Halloween factor. Check it all out!

Tweak that fairytale costumes, add a little something to the vampire costumes and revamp those skeleton costumes; Let your imagination run wild and wicked this Halloween. The party starts at 8pm. Put on your best costume and head there!