Costume Theme: The 80’s

Without a doubt, the most requested costumes for a themed party is the 80’s. A simple idea, with plenty of costumes and accessories that can suit the theme perfectly. We made it simple and dedicated a whole area to the 80’s theme on the site but here are just some of our ideas to get you started:

1. Michael Jackson

michael jackson costume
Michael Jackson 80's Costume

It’s not an 80’s party without a nod to the late and great, Michael Jackson. We’ve got several Michael Jackson costumes, wigs and even his glitter glove to top off your look.

2. Madonna

madonna costume
Madonna Costume

The ultimate pop queen, who defined the 80’s in her controversial music videos and edgy clothing choices . Take a look at our Madonna costumes including netted skirts, leg warmers and hair ties.

3. Grease

Grease Costume
Grease "Rizzo" Costume

Originally made in 1978, the Grease movies were massively popular throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Whether you’re a T-Bird or a Pink Lady, or just after a poodle dress we’ve something to suit you! To make it easy, we’ve even added a whole section on our site full of Grease fancy dress items.

4. TV Shows

Mr. T Costume
A- Team Costume

It wouldn’t be right of us to not include the amazingness that was the tv shows that rose to fame in the 80’s: Ghostbusters, The A-Team, Wonder Woman and Baywatch amongst others. Check out some of the costumes we have to take you down memory lane.