Electric Picnic Outfits

With the next of Ireland’s big festivles on the horizon, everyone seems to be getting geared up for Electric Picnic 2008. With acts as varied as Candi Staton to Underworld its promises to be an excellent and continue to live up to its name as the being the sophistacated festivle.

Sophistacated it may be but when there’s festivles there’s alway those that go the extra mile in effort and show up in costume. Beyond the obvious attention that one gets there are some key advantages to festivle going in fancy dress:

* You don’t have to worry about loosing your friends – Asking randomer punters where’s Radio Active Man? Is an easy way to keep track on your fellow costumed friends – even if there in another arena, someones bound to have noticed.

radioactive man Costume

* Super hero Costumes come with absolute authority to rescue pretty girls, regardless of the situation, even sometimes from their own friends / boyfriend. They could be in distress, who knows, just grab and run… Should they not be impressed tell them its your first day as a superhero. They can’t be mad if its your first day on the job.