Fancy Dress Costumes

Why are fancy dress costumes and costume parties so popular nowadays?

Well for one reason it really makes a night memorable, after a while nights tend to be a little same same. Was X’s party really that different from Y’s? Usually there not, but with a costume party there is so much more to remember about the night. 

Fancy Costume

Wolverine, Evil Jester and Superman

Another great reason is that its a really good social thing, you have so many more reasons to talk to a complete stranger. Superman has every reason to go over to wonder woman and suggest to hatch a plan to eliminate all the super villians in the room. Sometimes a good costume is all you need for an opener and a little attention.

However my favourite reason would have to be the pictures and memories you get. 

Fancy Costume

Shackles the Clown Costume (with Fake arms)