Father Ted Costumes

Tedfest is coming up soon, if you dont know what Tedfest is, well you must have been hiding off on missionary duty. It’s when fans of the Father Ted TV series get together to celebrate all things relating to to one of Irelands most loved shows. It takes place on Craggy Island (where else!) and is a camping weekend clerical style. Its a bit of an ecuminical random festival, unlike any other.

We’ve been getting messages from our fans asking for some dress up hints and advice for the festival. So we thought we’d make some suggestions here on our blog.

Bishop Brennan

It’s not quite purple but the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition Costume is a close match to Bishop Brennan’s uniform and if your not afraid about the occasional kick in the Bottom from a brave priest its a winning choice.


Ofcourse a Father Ted wig for himself is an ideal match to any Priest Costume and ofcourse Who can forget the lovely nuns, with our best seller nun costume currently on sale for 40% off!


Father Ted Wig