The young woman of the 1920’s, or flapper girl as they were called, was a bit friskier than her mother and others before her. She pushed for her individuality, wore her hair short, her skirts short, little to no underwear and rarely wore a bra, she turned down her stockings and showed a bit of knee here and there and she wore makeup and bright colored clothing. Most of all, the flapper girls openly drew attention to their beauty and sexuality.  Flappers weren’t absent minded females who wanted to go against their parents by wearing a different style of clothing. These women had a new outlook on life. They were coming out of wartime and wanted to be seen as not only fun, free spirits but as women who could make up their own minds and follow their own rules.   Flapper Costume Fabulous Flapper Costume Euro 39.99


Coming from a new culture they loved to have fun, dance, show a bit more skin than what was thought ‘appropriate’ in the past and took part in risky behavior including smoking through their signature cigerette holders, drinking and partying. This younger generation was not merely a group of rebels; these women used their minds and believed they could join in activities beyond housekeeping and the traditional feminine roles they had been pushed into in the past.  

Flapper Girl costumes have always been popular due to the free spirit that they represent. Tolerance for many of the behaviors that were not seen as ladylike began during this period.  By showing the world that she could party and still be feminine, think and still be beautiful, the flapper helped to shape many of the world’s views during the 1920’s and beyond. So why not show up at your costume party as the original sexy, rebellious and carefree party girl.


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