Glowman Costumes

Glowman Costumes are the hottest thing to hit the costume industry in years, a fairly simple concept this “how did we not think of this before” concept will become one of the fastest growing trends in 2009 / 2010.

What is a glow man costume?

Rather than explain it – check out this video of them in action!

Each costume consist of a black suit with attachments to put the glowsticks in. Assembly takes about five minutes and Glowman refill packs are available on

Glow Man Costumes
Glow Man Costume

Not only fantastic for costume parties, glowman costumes are excellent for festivals, nightclubs, dance schools and children out playing at night. From primary school talent nights to professional dance groups, glowman costumes give a new depth to a dance performance.

Glowman costumes are available in child, teen and adult sizes. There are four types of costumes currently available, with more designs on the way in the coming months. The Four costumes available now are Glowman, GlowGirl, Glow Princess and GlowBot.

For shops and online stores wanting to stock Glowman costumes you can contact wholesale [at] for information.