Halloween Costumes

With Halloween fastly approaching we have compiled the official list of the Top 5 Halloween Costumes for both Mens Costumes and Womens Fancy Dress.

For Ladies:

5. Grease Pink Lady Costume – The Classic and timeless Film Grease Lives on and continues to be a firm favourite for fancy dress party goers. This high quality and extremely good value for money costume is idea for a gang of girls who are head out on the town together.

Pink Ladies Costume

Miss-Bee-Have Costume – From our designer range of Costumes Miss-Bee-Have is made from the highest quality materials and is jaw droppingly stunning. Perfect for the popular girl who loves to buzz from one group of friends to the next at parties.

Bee Costume
3. Pirate Queen Costume – One of our most popular costumes and a firm favourite with our staff. The Pirate Queen is short, sexy and a ton of fun to wear.
Pirate Costume

2. Rainbow Bright – If your an Eighties Kid then this will bring back the memories. Classic Cartoon icon and because the bottoms are shorts in opposed to a skirt you can be comfortable knowing that your dead sexy and not at risk of showing your knickers.

rainbow bright

1. Enchanting Princess (Cinderella Costume) – When we first got this costume every girl in the office “had” to try it on. There’s just a little part of every girl that loves the idea of being a princess. When one of our guest saw this costume and blurted out that it was “better than my (her) wedding dress!” we knew this was going to be a big deal.

Cinderella Costume

Mens Costumes:

5. Red Pimp Costume – The Most popular of our pimp range this Classic Pimp costume made of Velvet and stands out at any party!
Pimp Costume
4. Deluxe Storm Trooper Costume – Watching the Starwars Films is part of every boys childhood and they just never get old. This Deluxe Costume Continues to be one of our most popular Adult Costumes.
Storm trooper Starwars Costume
3. Beer Costume – Nearly everyone like beer, so it makes sense to dress up as one of the most loved things in any pub.
Beer Bottle Costume
2. Prince Charming – This is the perfect costume for the ladies man. If your going out on the pull, this costume is as effective as bringing a puppy to a bikini competition for models who are pet enthuasts. From our designer range and made of the highest quality materials this costume is gauranteed not to dissappoint – suitable for TV, film and theatre.
prince charming Costume

1. The Joker Costume – Without a shadow of a doubt the best Super Villian of 2008. This Deluxe Costume Is excellent quality and extremely good value for money. With a catch phrase like “Why So Serious?” this costume will lighten the mood at any event and if you choose to do face paint instead of the mask makes an excellent drinking costume.

The Joker Costume

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