Hen Night Accessories

After the dullness of work (and monogamy) there’s something to be said for a rollicking hens night to make you feel like a carefree single girl once again.  Whether it’s to celebrate an upcoming wedding or simply to get away from those loving shackles we call relationships, there’s nothing like a girl’s night to boost your self-esteem and empty your wallet. But don’t get tied down with boring club clothes and tired stagette games, try something different for your next hen’s night.


Are there any situations that the right costume can’t improve? Deathbeds and delivery rooms aside, a well-chosen costume or theme can take your night from average to unforgettable. For example, if you and your ladies are on tight budgets, why not invest in sexy costumes such as a flight attendant, naughty nurse or sailor?? You can pretty much guarantee you’ll have drinks bought for you all night just don’t be shocked if you wake up in the morning a bit richer with only fuzzy memories of how you got that way.  Why not pool your resources and buy a costume for the lovely bride to be instead?? There’s nothing quite like drawing attention to her by suiting her up as a shimmering super girl while the rest of you fade into the background.  If you want to get her noticed (and embarrassed) there’s nothing like making her the unwitting fantasy fulfillment of frustrated comic book lovers everywhere. 



 Air Hostess Costume

Air Hostess Costume


If you decide to go whole hog and leave the adorable fuzzy wings and handcuffs for more timid ladies, you need to take responsibility for the evenings events.  Put yourself in the shoes of drunken men everywhere and imagine the door to your local pub swinging open and a troupe of costumed beauties stalking in. No jeans and tank tops here. No sir, just a group of girls in glittering color looking to get drunk and cut loose. Bad pick up lines? You bet. Raunchy innuendo? Most certainly. Phone numbers and bleary proposals? Absolutely.  If you expect to be left alone, you may want to give the male gender a break and settle on wigs and tiaras instead!


Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman Costume 

If your best girl is about to get locked into domesticity, you owe it to her to celebrate in style. It’s just one night in her life, but it will be one that will stick with her forever. Go ahead…express all your love and do your best to embarrass the hell out of her. She’ll love you for it.