Hints when choosing the perfect costume #1 – Mask or no mask?

Its school boy error number #1 not to consider if you really want a masked costume or not. There’s both advantages and disadvantages to wearing costumes with masks. Lets explore:


You can get away with way more misbehaviour when you’ve a mask on.

Your always photo perfect with a mask – good for hiding those spots or blemishes and for the girls no need for make up.

Dodging an Ex girlfriend or boyfriend? Lets say no more… For this masks are a gift!


 Masks are obstacles to drinking

 Fancy a kiss, erm hang on a sec let me just get this off…

There is a half way solution, you can go with and eye mask which disguises you and still lets you comfortable slug away at your drinks. So with this in mind maybe you should choose wether you want a mask and if so which one and work on your costume decision from there.