How Wonder Woman influenced a generation

If you grew up at any time during the seventies, whether you were male or female, you probably have more than a few memories of Wonder Woman stored away.  Of course, depending on your gender and/or sexual orientation, these memories vary between individuals. Strong, smart and sexy, when Wonder Woman went on the air in 1975, her perky little suit and swinging brunette hair made an impression on everyone. 

If you were a little girl, chances are you had few icons to emulate during the seventies. Most female characters in film and TV were still begging to be rescued with their breasts taking up more screen time then their faces.  Any hero with any strength and general coolness was invariably masculine.   When Wonder Woman showed up, she made such an impression that the first stand-alone cover of the American magazine, MS, featured her in full regalia.  Touted as the first superhero to ‘conquer with love’, girls suddenly had an idol that kicked some bad-guy behind while still managing to look hot in her sparkly blue shorts.

 Wonder Woman Costume Wonder Woman Costume



Every woman, no matter how vehemently she’ll deny it, would like a dress up as Wonder Woman.  Hands on the hips, raven hair billowing, sassy red boots planted firmly on the ground.  Every man, no matter how sophisticated he pretends to be, harbors some sort of dusty fantasy about that golden lasso.  Maybe the fantasy involves wearing the costume himself?? Why not?  You don’t have to wait for a fancy-dress party to do it either.  Imagine how much more entertaining it would be to go about your daily chores dressed as an Amazon super heroine. You’d feel a lot more heroic emptying the kitty litter box with your perky little cape snapping away behind you.



Granted, there are some issues with Wonder Woman that need to be addressed. For example…her weapons are pretty poor.  A golden lasso of truth?? Indestructible Bracelets?? If you’re facing some giant robotic killing machine (just an example…) a pair of bracelets really isn’t going to come in terribly handy.  What about psychotic arc-enemies? Are we to assume that once ensnared in the lasso they blubber out their true feelings and then are somehow rehabilitated? One can only hope there’s a group hug after wards. Maybe the dreaded-evil doer can go work in a vegan bakery with the rest of the reformed enemies. Idle hands and all…

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