Illegal Nurses’ Costume

"Oh No He Didn't!" Costume Controversy

A theatre in Glasgow has stumbled into some serious trouble. A nurse costume featured in their production of “Robin Hood” has almost landed the actor Dean Park in court over claims it violates the terms of the Geneva Convention.

The British Red Cross threatened legal action after the costume, used for the character Nurse Poltis featured a red ribbon cross on both the hat and tunic. According to the charity, “unauthorised use” of the red cross symbol is an offence under the Geneva Conventions Act and that the use of the symbol must be removed immediately. The British Red Cross insists that the symbol is an internationally agreed symbol of “protection during armed conflicts to safeguard the sick and wounded” and that any use of the cross dilutes its importance and neutrality.

The theatre is deemed to be unimpressed with the legal action, seeing the costume as mere fun- not for it’s political implications. To keep law-makers happy the costume department had to change the cross colours to green.

What’s your thoughts? Should the symbol be kept intact or where the Red Cross being too serious over something clearly meant in jest.

Note: image courtesy of The Daily Mail.