Limerick Zombie Festival

It’s an Outbreak- of Zombies, festivals and gore!

Kicking off on the 29th of September, this 4 day Limerick Zombie Festival has got the wannabe-waking dead shrieking (in delight). Don’t let the crazies frighten you though; it’s all for a good cause. Money raised from this event goes to a local charity, the Cliona Ring Foundation. It’s good through and through!

The 29th of September shall see a Bloodbath in Dolans at 9pm. Alongside, there will be umpteen other events taking place in various venues of the city.

Come Friday, the 30th, there will be fun talks, movie screening and gigs towards the evening. The main day being the 1st of October shall witness events, parties, gigs and games for kids as well as adults. Gracing you with their presence will be bands, dancers, magicians and other fun personalities. Finally, rounding off this 4 day weekend is the Zombie Hangover Feast (how apt!) at Pier One Hotel and a Skazzombie gig. It doesn’t get much better!

Now here’s the icing on the cake; is a co-sponsor at the Limerick Zombie Festival so 6% of each sale goes directly to the Cliona Ring Foundation! Buy your Halloween and Zombie costumes from and support what this festival is all about. Yes, we have everything you could think of: Zombie Masks, make-up kits, costumes for every age group, whacky coloured eye lenses, fake blood, fake scars and so much more. Don’t know what to wear? We have zombies from every profession; doctor zombies, cheerleader zombies, musician zombies, convict zombies, cowboy zombies, sailor zombies and even schoolgirl zombies! Satisfied?

We look forward to seeing you there. Happy prepping!