Organizing a Hen Party

It really is an honor. Honestly. At the time it may seem like a burden coupled with a great deal of stress, but being chosen to organize your girlfriend’s hen party is something to be proud of. Now, only if you could remember that whilst trying to shepherd her friends into making some attempt at organization.


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When your teary-eyed friend grasps your hand over a few drinks one night and asks you to be her maid of honor, it’s a cue for your heart to leap with excitement. Sadly, most hearts sink.  Trying to please a stressed out woman who knows this is her last night of freedom isn’t easy.  Trying to get her friends in order to agree on times, places and responsibilities is even worse. Below, we present a list of the main offenders. These are the women that will make your planning second only to one of Dante’s rings of hell…



When you’ve scoured the Internet for interesting places to take her, found the right ones, booked them in advance, sent out the invitations, organized the food and secured the libations…she’ll be there to hint at what could’ve been better. She’ll tap her perfectly manicured fingernails on her arm and smile benignly. “ Wow, you’ve gone to so much work! Did you know you could get professionally done invites for the same price??” (At this time we suggest that you refrain from offering to, somewhat agressively, undo her perfect little hair do for less than the price of the her personal stylist.) 



Maybe she’s just broken up with someone, maybe she’s having a personal crisis, maybe her job is terrible…whatever the case, her pain is deeper than anyone’s before and she simply is not reachable.  If she does answer the phone, she’s usually full of apologies and may even promise to join you for the hen night, perhaps even make some appetizers. Does she show? Hell no, her dog has a cold and the stress of watching him suffer has proven to be too overwhelming for her… 



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These girls are usually from a certain part of the bride’s life. They may be work acquaintances or high school buddies but they are easy to recognize because they arrive and depart in the same huddled mass. They sit facing each other, engage in private conversation and basically alienate everyone else. As the hostess, they run the risk of ruining your new top due to stress induced sweat.


Of course, all of this silliness can be put aside with the addition of a few (short of a dozen) glasses of wine and the right accessories. Any party warms up with silly hats.  It’s been proven.

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So here’s our top 3 tips to organising a hen night

1. Use the internet for everything, research the perfect location, find whats others did and what did and didnt work well.

2. Do as little as possible yourself. Get the invites made cheaply and sent out to you, book the hotel / venue online – search for the best deal – e-mail everyone and ask for a discount.

3. Make sure everyone knows you may be organising the party, but once it starts your offically off duty.