Oxegen Costumes


With Europes’ biggest rock and roll festival looming around the corner were gearing up for another great session at Oxegen 2009. As always there will be many attending in fancy dress costumes, Its a great way to make friends and most importantly not to loose your friends in a crowd – Everyone will recognize wonder woman and tell super girl where she is!

But there are general rules for festivals that apply to general attire and hence costumes:

#1 Dress Warm – It may be sunny in the middle of the morning when your heading down, but the sun will go down and it will get really cold. So wearing revealing clothes is a big no no, comfort first looks second.

Rocky Horror Show Costumes definitely not for festivals!

#2 Stand out from the crowd – If you want to be found when you get lost it helps to look a little different.

banana costume
Banana Costumes

#3 Hats yes, masks no. A face mask is a great idea for certain occasions, festivals isn’t one of them.

#4 Wear comfy shoes, there’s nothing worse than missing your favorite band just because your feet are torn to shreds from shoes that look good but don’t fit the part.

Clown Shoes
Clown Shoes