Oxegen – If you get lost Its all about the Costume

Ok so the title is a bit over jealous and lets face it considering the source totally bias; but one of my pet hates from the last several years of big festivles and i’d be surprised if there’s anyone going to Oxegen 2008 that can honestly say this isnt something that concerns them. When you loose your friends its a long drawn out pain in the ass to try and find them. Sometimes spanning several hours and some of your favourite acts.


Ofcourse you all agree to meet up at a certain location if you get lost, but lets face it theres always going to be that half hour (or four hours – depending whos on at the time) that you might be left on your own, unsure if you should wait at the meeting point or chance seeing your favourite band and hope you find the “others” later. Its got the potential to make or break what could be the best day / weekend of your life.


So whats the solution? Well here’s our strategy – all the staff here are going as super hero’s! When we loose someone (from experience its when not if!), to find them is made a lot easier if you just ask someone every 30 meters or so, hey have you seen wonder woman etc??? Its a sight there probably going to remember.


Costume Superhero Costumes


So when you come across some super hero’s this weekend at oxegen made sure to say hi!