Inflatable Musical Instruments

Exclusive to we are delighted to introduce the Inflatable Band. At the costume shop we are always working on ways to make parties that little bit better. And no better way than making the memories of the night last even longer. So forget air Guitar, inflatable guitars are way more fun. Who needs an expensive cover band when a DJ / Ipod give you the original music and your guests put on the show.
Inflatable Musical instruments
Inflatable Musical Instruments

Each pack consists of 20 inflatable instruments in a variety of bright colours so everyone in the party can take part. Be amazed as even the most reserved person pulls the moves for the camera. Make your next party a night to remember.

Transformers 4 – New Trailor Released

2014 is turning out to be an epic year for block buster movies, but perhaps the most anticipated of all is the new Transformers 4 movie – Age Of Extinction. Mark Wahlberg, who replaces Shia LaBeouf as the lead character and has stated in an interview that its the most important role he’s ever taken. Now that’s saying something considering the success of his previous films The Departed, Ted, The Perfect Storm, Three Kings and Planet of the Apes to name but a few.

This time round transformers takes a darker tone and embraces some top notch new tech with the graphics used. Just check out the new baddies:

As always we’ve the full range of costumes, in stock and ready to ship.

Transformers Kids Bumble Bee Costume
Transformers Kids Bumble Bee Costume
Optimus Prime Kids Costume
Optimus Prime Kids Costume

Optimus Prime Costume
Adult Optimus Prime Costume

Ladies Optimus Prime Costume
Ladies Optimus Prime Costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fancy Dress

Possibly, hopefully, one of the biggest films of 2014 is going to be the new Teenage mutant Ninja Turtle Film.

And ofcourse when it comes to the costumes you wont find the full range of costumes anywhere else in Ireland. We have the Kids, Mens and Sassy ladies range available and in stock today ready to ship.

Ladies Michaelandego Turtle Costume
Ladies Michaelandego
Donatello Costume
Donatello Costume

Mens Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume
Mens Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume

Boys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume
Boys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume

Whats great about the Boys and the Mens costumes are that they come with all four colour eye masks so its easy to transition between characters through out a party. If Michaelango Spilled a drink, a quick change and Michalengo can sell that turtle down the drain.

For our full range of Teenmutant ninja turtle costumes click here.

2013 Halloween Costumes Hottest Trend

This years hottest trend, by far, is digital costumes. And we now have a great range of digital Dudz wounds and Tshirts. Here’s how it works:

Best of all it’s really easy to use and can be added to any costume to turn up the freaky dial.

Iwound digital halloween costumes

Click here to purchase the iwound holder

Can’t wait till halloween. Freak everyone out with these amazing t-shirts, simply insert your phone and let your t-shirt stare at them with its moving eyes or beating heart.
Haunted Mansion TShirtZombie T-Shirt

Oktoberfest Fans


Guten Tag, Fancy Dress fans!


We’re not just excited about Halloween here at, we’re also looking forward to Oktoberfest!


Oktoberfest Dublin is a great event, and there are plenty of others around the country and across the world. And of course look no further than for the perfect outfit. Here are some of our favourites…


For the traditional guy and girl, these Bavarian costumes are sure-fire winners:

Bavarian Guy


Bavarian Bar Maid


Believe it or not, Oktoberfest started as a wedding feast! So there is no better place for your stag or hen party. For the fun-loving future groom, what better outfit than our Miss Oktobreasts – hilarious AND functional for stag parties:

Miss Oktoberbreasts


For the fraulein that wants to make a guaranteed impression, try our Beer Girl superhero costume:

Beer Girl


And for the guys that want to go all-out, why not dress up as your favourite beverage:

Beer Mug


Studmeister Beer Bottle


No fancy dress is complete without accessories for fun and games:

Beer Bong


Beer Pong


Beer Goggles


Don’t forget to drink responsibly, and have a great time!

Smurf 2 Movie Release

This week was saw the release of the new Smurfs 2 Movie. The film sees Smurfette having nightmares about betraying her fellow Smurfs to their evil arch enemy Gargamel. When Smurfette feels left out when the Smurfs act al secretive while planning a birthday party for her. She decides shes no longer welcome in the group and leaves the village. While Smurfette goes on an unplanned adventure of a life time, Papa Smurf mounts a rescue plan.

It’s a great family friendly movie and ofcourse we have all the costumes here

WholeSale Costumes is delighted to announce that we’ve expanded into the wholesale market for the fancy dress and costumes. If you run an existing newsagent or store and feel that your customers would be interested in purchasing costumes and accessories from you during the halloween period, we’d be keen to hear from you. We offer an unparalleled next day delivery option to customers in Ireland and 48 hour delivery option to UK customers. As well as a great selection of costumes, many of which you wont find anywhere else in Europe.

So if you are looking to buy wholesale costumes, please fill in the form here and once you’re approved for an account, we’ll email you a catalogue of the latest special offers.

School Girl Costumebee outfitclownsaw puppetpolar babyninjabutterfly outfitbutterfly outfit

Hit Girl – Kick Ass 2 Fancy Dress

She’s back and we have the costume exclusively for Ireland right now. Kick Ass is a humorous film franchise and hitgirl is the ultimate empowered school girl which makes this costume one that really stand out from the crowd. With phrases like “I owned you”, who wouldnt want to be this superhero?

Hit Girl Fancy Dress

Liquid Latex

There’s a whole new trend in fancy dress this year. Liquid late body paint is a latex application that stretches and breaths, giving the most realistic superhero and other costume designs available. The only limitation is your imagination and creativity. Check out this video of how to use the product.

Liquid Latex

Latex body paint can be bought in batches of 1oz, 8oz, 16oz of 24oz batches.

Gay Pride Week

Gay Pride week kicks off on the 21st of June this year and goes on to the 30th. As with every year the highlight is the Dublin Pride parade on the 29th of June as the streets of Dublin become the most colourful they will be all year. It kicks of 12pm on the Saturday, starting at the Garden of remembrance and heading down O’Connell street, around Trinity and ending at the Pride Village in Merrion Square. The grand Marshall is Anna Grodzka who is currently the only Transgendered MP in the world.

The dress code for the parade is flamboyant and colourful fancy dress, so we have some suggestions:

Rainbow CostumeRiddler Fancy Dress

George Fancy DressWonder Woman Fancy dress

Even if you are not partaking show support with our rainbow coloured temporary lip tatoo’s

Rainbow lip tatoo

Or if you really want to go all out, paint yourself up with colourful liquid latex and make anything your mind can imagine.

Liquid Latex