Make Your Own Costume – Slackers Guide

Continuing our postings on making your own costumes and my extreme love of the Tread Banger blog, here’s a great on quick costumes you make in a few minutes. Being a Slacker and showing up to a fancy dress party, in the most basic of DIY outfits can be funny, but showing up to a fancydress party without a costume is LAME! Now you have no excuse. Enjoy. Carla

Make Your Own Costume – Fairy Wings

I was a bit surprised when i got the go ahead to write on this topic, since after all we sell fairy wings here under costume accessories, so technically i’m stealing away our own customers, but the boss loved the video as much as i did and think’s it’d be rude not to share it!!I found this awesome video on thread banger and i wanted to share it. Follow the simple steps and you’ll have amazing fairy wings for your costume and better still rope some kids in to make it a fun way to spend an hour.

Halloween Decorations

So this morning as we belatedly took down the christmas decorations my mind started thinking about Halloween Decorations. I’ve decided will expand our growing range to include some halloween house decorations both indoor and outdoor. So while browsing the net i came across this vid and just had to share it!Ronan 

Whats The Funniest Costume Ever?

We thought we’d do a quick survey to see what is the funniest or best costume ever?

 Please leave your comments below.

Childerns Costumes – Make Sure They Can Be Seen

We are planning on expanding our range to include childrens costumes, you can expect within the next few days for our first items appear in our shop. Whilst researching childrens costumes i came across a great point in the ISM BLOG – If your kids are going to be out on the roads (trick or treating at haloween etc) in their costumes make sure their wearing bright colours so that they can be seen! One fantastic suggestion is to give the children in their fancy dress a Silver Foil Bag to collect their goodies, freezer bags are a great example. These bags reflect car head lights and increase your childs visibility. If you don’t have a freezer bag handy why not ask the children to help cut out tin foil shapes and then stick then to their costume or goodie bags.

Also suggested is to make sure the childs costume is not too long so they don’t trip up and to ensure masks have good visibality so they can see any hazards.

New Rainbow Bright Costume

Does anyone remember 80’s TV cartoon Rainbow Bright?? Well we’ve just got in the costume, so i thought i’d remind all you fellow 80’s children of what it was like being a kid:

Oh and check out the Video – bet it brings back memories!!

St. Patricks day has been moved to 15th March 2008

It’s official, St. Patricks day – generally assumed to be the 17th of March has been moved to the 15th due catholic church authorities not wanting it to fall in their holy week.

This means more opportunities to dress up and party your ass off as it now falls on a saturday, rather than a monday! 

 Authorities here in Dublin say it makes very little difference as the St. Patricks festivle spans the whole weekend including the Saturday and bank holiday Monday.’s Blog

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