New Fancy Dress for 2013 – Oppo Suits

There’s a new trend in fancy dress this year. Oppo suits combine fancy dress with the classiness that one usually reserves for the office. Ideal for stag nights and parties where tackiness just isn’t an option these suits are a refreshing change.
Oppo Fancy Dress Suits
Oppo Fancy Dress Suits
Orange Oppo Suits
Oppo Suits – Orange
Ideal for summer festivals or the office summer party. As Anchor Man would say – Keep it Classy.

New St. Patricks Day Costumes

With St. Patricks Day just around the corner and all the preparation being made for the Parades, we are delighted to display our new range of Deluxe St. Patricks Day Costumes.

Leprechaun Costumeiris_u_luck








These Super Deluxe costumes are ideal for parades, hotels or any special St. Patricks Day parties. Limited stock only so order yours today.

Christmas Jumpers 2012

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Christmas Jumpers for 2012. Available our our website and also available wholesale. Our jumpers are 30% Wool and 70% Acrylic, knitted in the same fashion your granny may have.

Ideal for any Christmas party, Christmas dinner or simply putting a simple on everyones face during the festive period.

Xmas Jumpers Novelty Christmas Jumpers Reindeer Jumper Elf Christmas Jumper Snowman Christmas Jumper Xmas Jumpers Christmas Knitted Dresses Christmas Dress xmas jumper dress funny xmas jumper Kids xmas Jumper Childrens Christmas Jumpers

If you would like to contact us regarding wholesale Christmas Jumpers please contact us on the link at the top of the page. This year we’ll be teaming up with All4One gift vouchers, Christmas FM and Childline ISPCC for Irelands Christmas Jumper Day.

Hen Party

The end of the summer is the big wedding season, which means Hen Party Season.

If you’re organising a hen party here are our top 5 tips:

1. Hen Sashes – What better way to identify the girls on a night out than to make a bold statement about who you are and why you’re there.

Hen Party Sashes
Hen Party Sashes

2. Have a few games organised – Get outsiders involved in the celebrations. Games really do add to the fun and we all agree the more people there are, the merrier it is!

Hen Party Games

3. Make it memorable and get loads of photos.

Hen Party Car Flag

4. Forget keeping it classy – You can be classy every other night of the year. Hen nights are supposed to be all about the giggles. Make it a night to remember. Rate every guy who enters the bar on a scale of 1 – 10 or maybe 6 – 10 just to be nice; we don’t want to hurt their feelings, do we?

Hen Men Rating Cards

5. Fancy Dress? At this time of year we have huge amounts of hen parties and everyone is looking for costume ideas. Keep it simple and affordable for everyone but a theme really makes it all tie in together while making your hen night stand out amidst the sea of parties. We don’t want to blend in so standing out is the only way to go!

Pink Ladies Jackets

Dublin Zombie Walk Pictures

The 2012 Zombie Walk was a huge success. Here’s a few pictures of our staff and friends dress in our zombie costumes out enjoying the day:

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Elvis

Zombie Red Riding Hood
Dublin Zombie Walk

Dublin Zombie Walk – 4th Aug 2012

Zombie walk 2012One of our favourite calendar events comes around again, The Dublin Zombie Walk takes place this Saturday the 4th of August 2012. We are meeting at 2pm in St. Stephens Green, on the Leeson Street corner of the park.

This year the event is raising money for Barnardos, which is a fantastic children’s charity.

For those that didn’t attend on the previous years, it’s a great day out for both families and adults. It’s extremely well organized, costs nothing to attend so it’s an ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon on the bank holiday because the atmosphere is fantastic. Check out lasts years zombie walk:

If you liked our zombie Jesus costume that’s featured in the above video, wait till you see what Dave will be wearing this year!

While dressing up isn’t required, you could just come along to spectate, it really does add to the fun of the day! Here’s some of our staff picks of the top zombie costumes:

Zombie Girl Costume

Zombie costume

And Ofcourse it wouldnt be a proper zombie fest without the zombie make-up, scars and maybe some flesh eating maggots…

Zombie Make up

Zombie Make UpMake Up

Spin 1038 Leprechaun

One of our favourite St.Patricks Day Costumes apprears in the new Spin 1038 promo – Find this Lucky Leprechaun Costume Character and win an Ipad!

iPaddy – Win a New iPad – SPIN 1038 from SPIN 1038 on Vimeo.

A little bit more about what we do

George Lee from RTE’s The Business was visiting our office as part of what is a refreshingly upbeat and positive business program online business.

Also at a recent EU conference our CEO, Ronan O’Brien has been representing Ireland in terms of online business and hopefully helping EU policy a little more understanding of what its like in the fastest growing sector of business at the moment – ecommerce.

Father Ted Costumes

Tedfest is coming up soon, if you dont know what Tedfest is, well you must have been hiding off on missionary duty. It’s when fans of the Father Ted TV series get together to celebrate all things relating to to one of Irelands most loved shows. It takes place on Craggy Island (where else!) and is a camping weekend clerical style. Its a bit of an ecuminical random festival, unlike any other.

We’ve been getting messages from our fans asking for some dress up hints and advice for the festival. So we thought we’d make some suggestions here on our blog.

Bishop Brennan

It’s not quite purple but the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition Costume is a close match to Bishop Brennan’s uniform and if your not afraid about the occasional kick in the Bottom from a brave priest its a winning choice.


Ofcourse a Father Ted wig for himself is an ideal match to any Priest Costume and ofcourse Who can forget the lovely nuns, with our best seller nun costume currently on sale for 40% off!


Father Ted Wig

Christmas Jumpers

We’re delighted to announce our 2011 range of Christmas Jumpers


Red Christmas JumperChristmas JumperChristmas JumpersSnowman Christmas JumperXmas JumperXmas Jumpers


These great range of cheesy festive Jumpers are 30% Wool, 70% Acrylic so they are ideally warm for the Christmas Period and are perfect for the Xmas office party, as well as the local pub.

Also this year we have ladies Christmas Jumper dresses which are modelled below by the beautiful former Miss Universe Ireland, Lynn Kelly.

Christmas DressChristmas Jumper DressWomens Christmas JumpersChristmas Jumper DressLadies Christmas Jumpers

This year we’ll be working in association with Christmas FM and Focus Ireland to raise money by having an official Christmas Jumper day. A portion of profits from the sale of the Christmas Jumpers will go toward the Christmas FM / Focus Ireland Project.