Paris Hilton Costume

So, Like, One of the biggest celebs on the planet at the moment is Paris Hilton. Personally i just don’t get it. She’s not that smart, hasnt really done much worth being proud of… and yet here she is making millions for doing very little.

 Paris Hilton wig Paris Hilton Wig 

So if your like (my opinion of) Paris Hilton, A Paris Hilton costume is really easy to pull off. Simple add the above Wig and whatever dress you have that shows off the most flesh, adjust your attitude to plain rude and your away. Its the ultimate easy costume.




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This week the most watched Video on the internet is Paris Hilton’s – running for president video. One thing i do like about her is that she can laugh at hereself, who knows maybe the dim thing is all and act. I might even stop supporting the keep your promise campaign after she appeared in P.Diddies Vote or Die campaign and then didn’t vote herself. Ok Paris you can live.

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