Costume Ideas

Trying to come up with the perfect theme for your party? We thought we’d try to give you a hand, so here’s some of our suggestions. Please feel free to add to the list in the comment box below or browse through our store where we think you’ll find tonnes of idea’s.

Party theme’s.

  • Pimps and Ho’s theme
  • Hospital Hunk’s and Hotties
  • Beach Ball – Hawiian shirts and grass skirts
  • 70’s Costumes
  • Grease Lightening Fancy Dress Party
  • High school Musical Fancy Dress Party
  • Medieval – Princess, Princes and Knights
  • Tv show favourites,
  • Ghouls and ghosts
  • Things that go bump in the night
  • Witches and Wizards theme
  • Fairies, Pixies and Goblins
  • Gangster’s and Maffia theme
  • Super Heros and Super Villan costume party
  • Renaissance costumes
  • Pirates and Wenches costumes,
  • Cartoon characters,
  • All White Party – guests must wear only white clothes (or any colour you decide)
  • 1920’s theme
  • 1950’s theme
  • 1960’s theme
  • 1970’s theme
  • 1980’s theme
  • Things you’d find in a kitchen party (see our range of novely costumes – From Milk Cartons to Banana’s)
  • Animal / Farm party
  • Pop Star’s Costume Karoke Party
  • Maids and Butlers
  • Lifeguard theme
  • Army Barricks costume party
  • 80’s Tv shows – A-team etc
  • Casino Night – Are you an Elvis, Frank Sinatra or Celine Dion?? Add Casino/Poker tables for even more fun!
  • StockBrokers and Secretaries
  • Wild West theme – Cowboys, Cowgirls and Cows
  • Can-Can dancers and Burlesque party
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