Prodigy at Oxegen

One of my highlights at Oxygen this year was definately the Prodigy. So much i decided to go all out on the Sunday and arrive back in my Replica of Keith’s Jacket. Well there has to be some benifits working in a costume shop and so far this has been the best one.

I Picked up a 1920’s Blazer from our warehouse on the way back down for Sunday’s Session, which just happens to be the exact same as what Keith wore, then for the Authentic look i had Sarah get out some poster paint to add the slogan which Keith had on his (from where i was standing it looked painted on also).


Prodigy Jacket from Oxegen

Then on to Oxegen where everyone who was at the Prodigy the night before recognised the Jacket. Some bloke even offer me 350 quid for it, but i had to tell him it wasnt the real deal.  

Prodigy Jacket from Oxegen


The Jacket turned out even better than i’d hoped and because of it im into more than a fair few strangers photos and met some really cool people, a few of whom i’ll definately be keeping intouch with.

Hmm… Now time to start scheming for Electric Picnic.