Ricky Gervais gets a TheCostumeShop.ie Costume

Ricky Gervais has an uncoming movie coming up called Ghost Town, due for release on September the 19th. As part of the lead up he spent a day chatting with a whole load of Journalists, and our friends at Spin 1038 went along for a chat. Our Spin friends being the lovely people they are (except James who enjoys making kittens cry for his entertainment), wanted to give Ricky a present and we hooked them up with a Lovely Whoopie Cushion Costume that he could use to further torment Karl.

Here’s an extract from Ricky Gervais’ personal blog, week 33:

“I found out that 1. every journalist in the world reads my blog, and 2. they all agree that Karl has a head like a f**k*ng orange.

One even bought Karl a present. A whoopee cushion outfit. Karl doesn’t know it yet but I will somehow get him to wear it for your viewing pleasure.”

whoopie-cushion costume

If Ricky will post the pick of Karl in the costume on his blog, we’ll put it up here for you.