Sailor Costumes / Navy Officer Fancy Dress

The white sailor uniform is a permanent part of history, and seems to represent perfect ideals for most women. Those who wear this uniform are hard-working, courageous, and willing to put their life on the line for their country.

Sailor Costume

It stirs up a feeling of adventure and energy in all people, and reminds them that the horizon is not the limit – anything can be achieved, and any location can be explored. Those that wear this uniform show a dedication and love to their work that is unmatched in almost all other fields, and because they were typically young men, it was a profound devotion.

They sailed the world, absorbed different cultures, and learned how to take orders and lead at the same time. The charisma that flowed freely from these men brought them attention from women internationally, and it wasn’t uncommon for a sailor to come home with a new sweetheart.

Sailor Costume

As would be expected, stories have been written about explorers that somewhat embellish the details. This undoubtedly eased the sailor’s problems throughout their lives, and made all of their adventures seem more glamorous than they really were.

If you can believe it, these uniforms were not worn by the sailors all of the time. In fact, they were mainly used for presentations, when the sailors wanted to make a first-class impression upon crowds. Their work clothes were very different, and were called work clothes for a reason – there was nothing spectacular about them. Quite to the contrary, actually – they were dull and unimaginative in looks.

So, make the right choice and look like a fine young sailor lad — full of ambition, love, and many other emotions just waiting to be brought out. The life of these workers could change in a day, and that means that they had to be ready for anything and everything.

When you put on this costume, it is unquestionable that you will draw a few glances, and if you play the part right, a handful of laughs. These authentic-looking outfits will fill you with a sense of greatness and energy: something almost unrivaled.