Santa Costumes

The run up to Christmas is in full swing so whether you’re stopping by the office Christmas party in fancy dress or you’re working as a store Santa we have some of our top Santa Suits to give you some ideas. We have picked something from each price point- from the commercial, to the luxury and then for those looking for a cheap costume.

Ultra Velvet Santa Costume: Priced at the highest end of the scale at €349.99 this costume is the ultimate in Santa costumes. More suitable for use in stores, this costume is of really high quality and designed to impress.

Luxury Velvet Santa Costume

Vintage Gold Braided Santa: Take your Santa costume to a more traditional time with this costume. Priced at €249.99, the costume used high quality materials, and features gold braid trim on the coat and hat.

Vintage Santa Costume

Regency Deluxe Santa: A firm favourite on our site over the years, this plush Santa suit at €119.99 is a safe bet. Soft material gives this costume that extra something.

Deluxe Santa Costume

Budget Santa Costume: Not looking to spend a lot but still get a decent costume? Then why not try out our budget Santa costume for €58.99. Less detailed than the other costumes but still really good quality.

Budget Santa Suit

And of course, don’t forget to finish off the costume with beards, hats and other Christmas Accessories.