Tips When Buying a Santa Suit in Ireland

At The Costume Shop we have the biggest range of Christmas Costumes available anywhere in Ireland. At this time of year one of our biggest sellers is the Santa Suit and so we thought we’d do up a quick guide to help you find your perfect fit.

Santa costumes can cost from €8.99 for a cheap Santa Suit and at the higher end of the price range go up to €369.99 for a Grotto Style Santa Suit

The above picture is the “old time” look for a Santa with a long coat. However our most popular costume would have to be the classic look Santa and of these one stands out head and shoulders above the rest for being excellent value for money. The Regency Deluxe suit is our most popular Santa Costume available in both a standard and Extra Large version. Because this is the costume that our customers absolutely love we have special arrangements with the manufacturer which allows us to offer it at a substantial discounted price (€119.99!) and this year more then ever before they are just flying out the door.

Santa Suit Costume
Santa Suit Costume

When buying a Santa Costume Always check to see what accessories come with it and what are available. A Santa without a wig and beard is rarely convincing, a good bell is a classic way to announce your arrival before the crowd can even see you and ofcourse the little detail like Santa Eyebrows and Specs make things that little bit more magical .

The last thing you should consider when buying a Santa Suit is whether you need some extra help in the belly department or if the practice runs cooking the Christmas turkey already have you looking the part. If you need some extra girth simply add a belly stuffer to fill out the Santa Suit.
Satna Belly Stuffer