Santa Suits

With the christmas season now truely upon us many clubs, charities and offices are looking to replace that old Santa Suit purchased so many years ago. Here are some helpful tips when doing so:

Professional Santa Suit Grotto Santa Suit

To Rent or Buy a Santa Suit?

The truth is that its nearly the same price to rent as buy a santa suit. Rental costume shops can only rent out their suits a hand full of times each year. Shockingly, In our price surveys we have found that over 72% of the time it is cheaper to buy a costume that to rent one – when you compare like with like (same costume from same manufacturer).

How Much to spend on a Santa Suit?

A Santa Suit tends to be a purchase that you make only once, therefore you have little to compare it to. Grotto Santa’s will usually spend between 300 – 500 Euro on a Suit, for professional use. Clubs and charities will tend to spend 100 – 200 Euro – at this price range you still get an extremely high quality suit so don’t think you have to spend a fortune to look the part.

If your shopping on a budget for a santa suit but want a really professional look i would strongly recommend the Crimson Deluxe Santa Costume as pictured below:

Santa Costume

What Santa Costume Accessories Should you consider?

One thing many overlook is that most children are closer to your shoes that you think. The biggest let down is a santa without the correct footwear – for some its on their eyeline, for others when they are shy they look down at their feet and Santa’s!! Therefore we strongly suggest putting the same amount of thought that a lady puts into footware for a wedding into what footware to go for for your Santa.

We strongly recommend the Santa Boots Pictured below for that ultra realistic look.

Santa Boots

And Last but not least, remember to fully read the description of what your Santa Suit includes. Usually a santa beard is sold seperately and ofcourse Santa would look silly without one!

Happy Christmas!