Sky Lanterns

If you received our newsletter the other day you’ll notice we mentioned sky lanterns. We had such a great response we decided to give you a little more information on the lanterns so you can use them to the best effect.

Sky Lanterns are lightweight paper lanterns that are traditionally found in Asia and used for events and ceremonies where names and messages are written on them before being released. They are rapidly increasing in popularity in other cultures. Sky lanterns are effectively hot air balloons- each lantern has it’s own fuel cell that when lit fills the lantern with hot air which then burns for several hours, drifting on winds as high and far as they can go until the fuel runs out and they drop to the ground and disintigrate.

What do you think of the lanterns? An alternative to fireworks on Halloween, perfect for wedding guests to mark the occasion or set a load loose to ring in the new year!

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