Stag Night ideas

A stag night is a right of passage and an important one at that. Partly because it’s his last night to enjoy debauchery without crippling guilt but also because men tend to be a little culturally bereft of ‘special occasions’.  No sweet sixteen parties, no ‘you’ve become a woman’ speeches (in general…), no bridal or baby showers.  It’s a sad state of affairs and one that demands that you or your best friend’s stag night be memorable.  A stripper and a few games of poker just don’t cut it. You need to ensure that the groom is humiliated as much as possible and with the proper accessories.

Blues Brothers Stag Night Accessories

When hitting the clubs/pubs/all night diners, it’s essential that you call as much attention to yourselves as possible. This serves the purpose of not only making the groom feel important, but also getting those who aren’t about to be married a little attention as well. How you choose to do this has a lot to do with your personal style.  Want to maintain a touch of class?  Dark shades and hats like the ones included in the Blues Brothers kit are subtly cool or go minimalist with stag antlers for all. Need grand scale attention?? Think colorful and offensive, like that age old combination of neon pimp suits and blow up dolls. Why not take it upon yourselves to dress as a group of Superheroes? School Boys? Why not a whole pack of clergy descending on your local strip bar? Offending people and getting noticed – the magic combination for a memorable night.

Stag Accessories Stag Antlers

Now…once you are bedecked in the proper attire, what to do?? Whereas women tend to spend Hen nights celebrating their friendship, in most countries stag nights are about making the groom as uncomfortable as possible.  One poor, incredibly drunk groom was coaxed into a pair of pink hot pants and then handcuffed to a lamppost for the remainder of the night.  Luckily the wedding was in the summer and his friends collected him before the dogs could get to him. These kinds of high-spirited hi-jinx take creativity! Arrange some time for the groomsmen to get together and, keeping the groom’s tastes in mind, come up with a memorable plan.

Stag Night Essentials Stag night Kits 

As an endnote – memorable is one thing but traumatic is another.  Although getting the police involved in the night would certainly add a little spice, the last thing a bride to be wants to do is spend her honey moon money posting bail. So whatever you do dont get caught!

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