Storm Trooper March – 7th March 2010

Starwars March

So we’ve had a really cool idea, ok technically it was Coopers idea but its a great one. We’ve teamed up with MCD and Dublins98Fm to organize Irelands first ever storm trooper march. You see MCD has arranged a Matine show Starwars the Musical in the 02 Dublin on the 7th of March, Stephen Cooper (aka Darth Vader) will be giving away 25 double pass live on air on Dublins 98Fm and we’ll be supplying the outfits for his army of Storm Troopers.

Participants, we’ll be meeting at the Gresham Hotel O’Connell Street Sunday morning March 7th. Those who win tickets on the radio will be given tickets to the show and costumes also. If your not so lucky to win tickets and have costumes come anyway, tickets available through ticket master for the show which promises to be great.

It’ll be really funny to see the faces as strangers realize the streets of Dublin have been taken over by an army of storm troopers.

Videos and pics of the event to follow. Hope to meet you there!