Superhero Fancy Dress

Everybody aspires to be something, or someone. For many people, this person is a parent – mom always did make the best apple pie. For me, though, it has always been a super hero, and I’m sure some of you are the same. After all, we are all still kids inside, and we still share the same ideals that our heroes have.
Batman managed to rescue his city and head Wayne Enterprises at the same time. Supergirl, Superman’s counterpart, manages to work a full-time job and still fight crime. Can you see the underlying theme? We are able to relate to every one of these characters because they deal with the same issues as us. Not one person on this small planet wants to be ordinary, I guarantee it.


It isn’t always the feeling of righteousness that prevails, however. Comedy always seems to worm its charismatic face into the picture. Unfortunately for icons such as Banana man, though, humor seems to dominate the picture. We all can get the job done, but it is those that do it with a smile and a chuckle that do it the best.

There are even those whom we are completely unable to relate to – Wonder woman, for example. She comes from an all-female Amazonian tribe and goes as an ambassador to “man’s world”. Although completely fictional, legends such as Wonder woman work more magic on the imagination.


The list is endless — Captain America, Supergirl, Radio Active Man, Batman — and no matter who, they all hold a place in our mind. They represent the absolute zenith of human life, and give us an insight into the “what-if”. They are the role models of our past, present, and future. If you can reach, why not reach for the stars?

These iconic costumes will bring plenty of memories and, surely, laughs. Who can resist telling the truth with Wonder woman’s lasso of truth around them? Who can walk away from Banana man with a straight face? Not recognize Supergirl’s symbol? Batman’s yellow and black sign? Not one person, and the ambiguity of each costume will get you a different reaction from everybody.