The Costume Party Joke

 A husband and wife were planning on going to a costume party hosted by one of their close friend, the evening before it started the wife developed a sudden headache and decided she’d give it a miss. She told the husband to head along without her and headed to bed.

Gorilla Costume 

The husband hopped into his Gorilla Suit and off he went. A few hours later the wife woke up feeling better and decided to head along to the party and check out what the hubby was like when she wasnt around… after all he had no idea what her costume was. When she arrived he was swinging around on the dance floor which some chick and being a little liberal with his hands. Not being impressed she decided to cut in and be very seductive to see how he would react. Things got hotter and she brought him out back, around the corner and got down to some monkey business – after all they were married. Maybe this was the excitement they had needed because it was better that when they had first got together so many years ago.

Later she decided to disappear before the 12 o’clock revealing of the masks and pretend she had stayed home sick to tease her husband. When he arrived home he too acted like nothing had happened.

“So how was your night?” She asked.

“Ah, it was ok, party was dull so spent the night in one of the bed rooms playing poker with the guys!”

“I bet your felt like a right CHIMP playing cards in your costume!”

“Nah baby, the others didn’t have costumes so i took mine off and gave it to your brother. Don’t know what party he was at cause he said he had the best night of his life!”

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