Themed Weddings

Fancy having a memorable wedding that your guests will never forget? Then why not try something completely different and inject some fun into your special day. If you’re the kind of person who’s known by your loved ones as someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously then maybe a themed wedding is for you. Try getting stressed over your special day being perfect when you know all your guests are going to have absolutely nothing to compare it to. When’s the last time you went to a fancy dress wedding? In fact when’s the last time any man wore something other than their usual suit (or tux).

Recently we had a client looking for costumes for a medieval themed wedding – it’s the first time i even came across the idea. For some reason we thought everyone goes down the same old route of weddings simply because thats the way weddings are supposed to be done, but then the more i thought about it the more i though that it’s funny how much people spend on their special day only to hear there guests talking about the reception / hotel / some incident and ask which wedding was that again. Its not that their meaning to forget but lets face it – white dress, same relations, same friends, same set up – its repetitive. 

Prince Costume Royal Prince Costume

Another consideration / bonus to having a themed wedding is that you can invite lots of people who you feel obliged to invite and chances are only the fun ones amongst them will come – which cuts down on the cost of the wedding (leaving more for the honeymoon)!

So is it a bit much to ask all your guests to come up with their own costume? Possibly, but no more so than having a black tie wedding and costumes are cheaper to buy than renting / buying a tux . Weddings require effort on the guests part regardless. One consideration that is required is a little extra planning. No one wants to arrived to a wedding dressed uniformly like everyother couple, so it might be an idea to come up with a variety of options for your guests to wear. With a bit of advanced notice this is easier than it sounds. Like creating a gift list, you can have a catalogue prepared for your guests by us or any other supplier of fancy dress and then when one person / couple chooses a specific outfit we can cross it off ensuring no two people are dressed alike. Is there really that many costume varieties out there you ask? Well yes in fact there are.

Every year our buyers trawl through trade shows picking out the best costumes from some the various suppliers. At some trade shows for example you could easily come across 5,000 different princess costumes, 10,000 christmas costumes or 2,000 different pirate costumes.

How about a winter wonder land christmas wedding in December? That way you still get to wear the white dress you’ve always dreamed of and the guests are gauranteed to be in festive spirit! There is no written rule that weddings must be in the summer… after all why do it when everyone else is?

So why not be completely individual and consider doing something that is uniquely you – on a day that is after all your special day. 

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