Costume Ideas for Festivals

September 3rd to 5th sees the return of the Electric Picnic music festival. Already we’ve had people interested in getting costumes for the event, so we thought we’d compile a list of some of the costume ideas spotted at festivals the nation over- from the crazy to the simple, to try help out when your next event is looming.

1. Face Paints:

A simple and quick way to create a fun look is to use face paints. All you need is the paints and a steady hand. Create elaborate facial designs or something more subtle, in as many colours as you wish and add glitter with glitter gels. Have even more fun by painting your friends faces and posing for photos. Our face paints by Snazaroo are water based so they wash out easily and aren’t harsh on skin.

Face paint kit
Create your own designs with face paint kits.

2. Glow In The Dark:

Always a fun and simple option for a night time event is Glow in the Dark. Whether it’s glowing body paints, glow-sticks, UV Bracelets or a full Glow Costume. All you need is a dark room with UV lighting as most clubs and events have and you’re sure to have peoples’ attention.

glow man costume
Glow In The Dark Robot Costume

3. Morphsuits

Another wacky and fun idea to wear at a festival is the Morphsuit. Videos are popping up all over the internet of the antics “Morphs” get up to at events, and creative ways to wear them. Usually the best impact is a group of wearers. Morphsuits are a full bodysuit made of a light, breathable material. Simply zip yourself in and watch peoples reactions! We have stock of several colours, so get creative!

blue morphsuit
Stand out in a crowd with Morphsuits

4. Beer Costume

Another fun choice of costume, and simple are the Beer Costumes. Whether you choose to wear Beer Glasses, or decide to be Beer Girl, we have some options for you.

Beer Studmeister Costume
Studmeister Costume