We Like to Party


It’s 2011 and almost half the year has flown past. We all know what that means. The party season will soon be upon us and one thing is for sure, “We like to party!”

It is as much fun throwing a party as it is attending one. Some may beg to differ but that’s only because they haven’t heard from us at TheCostumeShop. We know what parties are all about. The colourful party supplies, balloons of all sizes, twinkling sky lanterns, scene settings for themed parties, glittering streamers and everyone’s favourite, confetti!

It can be a whole lot of fun. When planning a party, we suggest you decide on your theme first. Maybe do a Luau for your hen night, a Disney theme party for your kid’s birthday or a Harry Potter theme for a graduation party. The choices are endless.

At TheCostumeShop.ie we have everything from party tableware to wedding and birthday decorations, joke toys and sky lanterns to scene setters and everything you could possibly want for a Hawaiian or Halloween theme party. We have pulled out all the stops to bring the party paraphernalia to you.

Now go party hard! Real hard!