Wholesale Christmas Jumpers


One of the big trends in the last few years for the Christmas period has been Cheesy Christmas Jumpers. With so many people looking to find ways to make an extra few quid for the Christmas period we thought it would be interesting to offer the chance to partner with us and piggy back on our large volume orders of Christmas Jumpers. Our range of Christmas Jumpers are extremely high quality. Although we have a whole new range of Jumpers this year, here is an example of some of the designs we had last year:

Christmas Jumpers
Christmas Jumpers
Christmas Jumper
Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

We have two options for businesses to partner with us, you can either come on board prior to us placing the orders in early May with either your own custom designs, use our design team or just order the designs we have prepared for this year. This option is definitely a good option for bigger retailers who are looking for high volumes or lowest prices. We can facilitate delivery or you can order FOB and payment terms must be paid at time of placing the order.

Another option is that we will have a limited amount of the stock which we will be ordering available for our existing and new partners, on a first come first served basis.

This opportunity would be ideal for people who already have a business targeting the Christmas market such as seller of Christmas Trees, or for an entrepreneurial type who would like to have a product to sell at Christmas fairs as a supplementary income stream.


For more information email wholesale [a.t] thecostumeshop.ie