Why are costumes cheaper in America?

If you’ve surfed the web much for costumes you’ve probably come across and noticed two things:

1. Costumes look a lot cheaper in the US.

2. Costume companies in the US will rarely ship to Ireland / Europe.

So why do the costumes seem so cheap?

  • Well for starts, most US companies add the taxes on after you go to check out, we include 21% tax in our price.
  • In the US with its huge population halloween is big business and therefore many of the big costume companies are based there.
  • Internet sales in the USA are often “final” – which means they do not accept returns. And even if they did, sending it back may cost more than the amount to be refunded. In comparison we offer a money back gaurantee on all purchases, because we stand over the products we sell.
  • If you were to order costumes in from America you would be charged import duties when delivered, this can come as a bit of a shock to customers who had assumed they already paid the total cost of the costume.
  • Costume delivery from USA to Ireland and Europe is really expensive.  
  • In total the price of a costume with import duties, VAT and delivery can cost up to 4 times the list price!

So are you getting value for money buying from US? We believe so. For our Irish customers, you can’t get faster delivery and delievery can costs over 2/3 times the amont we charge if you order from the UK or further afield.

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