Wig It!

I’m tempted to throw in all the wig puns.

Super Jumbo Afro Wig at TheCostumeShop.ie

Have you ever read The Three Golliwigs? I’ve allowed myself only that one! Well, they sport afros much like Jimi Hendrix. We like them; the Golliwogs, Jimi Hendrix and wigs. Not everyone is blessed with eccentric hair, that’s why we have to try harder. It’s either oodles of hair gel or the not-so-temporary MEGA perm.

Sometimes it’s just not worth the effort or the mess. I say, go for wigs! There are endless styles, whacky (and tame) colours and every length to choose from. They’re fuss-free. No combing required. No hair products. Just an attitude.

You can be Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and even Cruella de Vil.

Oh yes, we have wigs too, at TheCostumeShop.ie.

Bad hair day? Wear a wig!